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Where waste feels good

We manage waste and recycle plastic to make products  that achieve sustainable development goals.

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Why we do what we do...?

Only about 9% of plastic waste is recycled.

We are running out of landfills.

Oceans are dying..

The Earth is heating up...

And yet, humans continue to add 2.01 billion tonnes of waste every year globally.

Feelgood EcoNurture LLP aims to reuse the non-recyclable plastic by recycling it into products that will replace & conserve natural resources.

Our Solution

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FeelGood has a patented technology for producing granules using mixed plastic waste and industrial waste for achieving new material that has significant properties over recycled granules.

Our material made from Multi-Layered Plastic (MLP) is further used in making Paver Tiles, Sheets, Roof Tiles Bricks, furniture and more.