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Wear the Change

Sustainable T-shirts crafted from recycled plastic.

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Why we do what we do...?

Only about 9% of plastic waste is recycled.

We are running out of landfills.

Oceans are dying..

The Earth is heating up...

And yet, humans continue to add 2.01 billion tonnes of waste every year globally.

Feelgood EcoNurture LLP aims to reuse the non-recyclable plastic by recycling it into products that will replace & conserve natural resources.


100% Sustainable clothing made from Recycled PET bottles. 
Create valuable products for daily and functional wear from Plastic waste. 

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About FeelGood

FeelGood EcoNurture LLP believes in the philosophy -

'Waste is nothing but a resource'

as all the products of FeelGood are made using NO natural resources.

FeelGood produces circular products which are made by using the infinite sources available to us in the form of waste. 

Our Vision

No material is waste and landfills are home to none.

Our Aim

Achieve circularity by building sustainable products by recycling by recycling the non-recyclable into products to promote circularity.

 Our Advisory Council

FeelGood is blessed with an advisory council consisting of exceptional personalities in the industry.  

The Team


Sharang Ambadkar


Sharang, an IT Graduate, having developed an insight on Circular Economy and the love for environment inspired him to start this venture out of JUGAD.  He is highly motivated and result-oriented person, passionate about what he does and is a diligent workhorse who can work outside his comfort zone more often than not.

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Pramod Tole

He is in the field of plastic and aluminum product manufacturing for over 3 decades. He brings in a complete knowledge from design to manufacturing. His expertise is in improvement efficiency of manufacturing processes.

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Varad Tole